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Baby Lady

Please note I am not currently taking clients do to a pending move to Tulum, Mexico.

BabyLady Mission Statement

"As a birth attendant, when my hand is there to catch that baby I feel as if my fingers brush the fingers of God. I see Him handing forth that child and as I reach out to catch it, I often I think I can feel His fingertips just beyond mine. I feel that childbirth is the closest we will physically come to God this side of Heaven."

God has called me to be a midwife, to be an agent for change. He has set upon me a vision of instilling peace and creating strong families by facilitating birth according to His design.

Subsequently, I feel that God has set the maternity field before me as my Mission field. For this reason I do not have a set fee, but like any missionary I depend on the generosity of my clients and their families to support this work that God has set before me.

There are many monetary expenses involved with maternity care, everything from buying urine sticks and paperwork to keeping current on training and education. There is also much time and energy expelled into this work and I hope that every family I serve feels loved and taken care of. I trust that God will meet my needs and I ask that you do the same. Please reflect on the worth of the services given to you and pray about what your family can donate. You can donate in the form of cash, gifts, and services. Please donít be afraid to talk to me about your particular situation and how you would like to support this work.

I am a Christian and this mission statement reflects that, however I do not discriminate against anyone regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. I know that God wants me to serve all people and thatís what I intend to do.

God Bless you,
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